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ROKTalk, has been designed to help anyone who finds that using the Internet is a difficult experience. Because the Web is primarily a visual and text-based medium, it poses problems for a large number of users. ROKTalk includes assistive features that have been created specifically to help More information about ROKTalk Linguist

What is ROKTalk?

ROKTalk is the most advanced text-to-speech technology available to website owners today.

ROKTalk is our server-based text-to-speech web accessibility solution, which enables visitors to your website to hear written text spoken aloud in a clear life-like voice in a number of different accents and languages without the need for the visitor to download any software.

ROKTalk also allows the visitors to your website to change the background colour as well as the font size and type to suit their needs.

Why should you get it?

Easily added to your website, ROKTalk converts written text into audible speech - making your website instantly more accessible to a wider audience such as individuals with visual impairments or learning difficulties.

NEW - Now includes Translation Service

Allow your website to be multilingual, saving thousands on expensive translations and updates with ROKTalk's Realtime translation service


View video of ROKTalk in action!

View video of ROKTalk in action!

Some of our customers:

Kent Police Aviva


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